The question of how education can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals was the starting point in the talk organized by the INTEF (the ministry of educations’ national institute of technologies and teacher training) a few days ago. This debate was part of an online course, offered by INTEF to teachers from September to December. It was a training on sustainable lifestyles, that wanted to reflect and answer this question.

With over 150 teachers from all over Spain enrolled in this course, it has been a wonderful experience to accompany them on this journey toward sustainability, lead by Transitando, creators of the content. The training was structured by many debates, experiences, resources, and practical tasks, and demonstrates the large contribution the educational community can make to the SDG’s. A contribution that revolves around the construction of a new citizenship with a system of values aligned with Sustainable Development: cooperation, collaboration, solidarity, empathy, connection with nature… Teachers become key actors which are, with the necessary tools,  fundamental pillars in the transformation of our world.

These and many other subjects were discussed, which you can see here (Spanish)

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