We can often find “mini” versions of almost all imaginable activities. From cultural institutions to restaurants, contents have been adapted to the interests and cognitive levels of young children.

Something similar is happening in Sustainability. Ever since 4 or 5 years ago, there has been a proliferation of materials and resources -linked to sustainable development- for boys and girls. However, in this throng, it is not always easy to find quality materials, because many doesn’t necessarily mean good. Sometimes the content is superb, but the design is boring. Other times the illustrations are very attractive, but the texts are never-ending.

Nobody said it was easy to create educational material for children, and less so focussed on the climate emergency and sustainable development. In fact, children might be the most complicated audience to please and to get their attention.

One of the most complicated challenges in our project Education and Sustainability was to create the activity books based on SDG6: clean water and sanitation, or to explain climate change to an audience in preschool and primary school. One of the keys to success was without any doubt the illustration. In this sense, we were lucky to have the help of illustrator Alba Zapata, who immediately understood the spirit of the initiative.

We have been investigating and looking for materials on sustainability for kids ever since. We leave you with some of our findings. Do you know of any other inspiring examples? Contact us!


This is a magazine about nature and the people that protect it, for boys and girls that will save the planet. This is how they announced the recently released publication from the editorial Savanah Books, which has already launched its three first issues. With an exceptional eye for detail in the design and the contents, this is without a doubt our first recommendation.

portada revista pantera


This initiative was created in collaboration with UNICEF and with the support of UNESCO. It’s devoted to compile activities about learning the SDGs in the classrooms.

You’ll have to delve a little through the number of options it offers, but recently they’ve included a resources package for children from 4 to 8 years old, which can be downloaded for free in English here. We also recommend the SDG glasses activity, very entertaining!

La lección más grande del mundo


It isn’t exactly traditional material, but the illustrator Brenna Quinlan has some wonderful works to use with children and to create a debate on our habits.

Her main achievement is to capture the holistic and integral vision -a priority in Sustainable Development- in her illustrations. In the section “Art as an activism” on her website, you can find her works and even purchase those you like best.

Brenna Quinlan


This museum, situated in Espluga de Francolí in Tarragona, has an educational program that stands out for its coherence, originality and link with sustainable development. Its ultimate goal is to transform values and identity through art, culture and education.

One of the activities to do with your family of in class, is “Sostenibilitat en joc”, soon available in Spanish.

Museu de la vida rural

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