SDG5 and SDG16: Gender Equality, Peace & Justice

The second activity book in the series Educating for Sustainability is about SDG5 and SDG16; gender equality and peace and justice.

The goal is to create a series of activity books that cover the 17 SDGS and that can be used by families and teachers as an educational tool to treat the Sustainable Development Goals.

So, why Gender equality and Peace and justice? SDG5 and SDG16 were chosen for their dimension and their importance. Both are key pieces in the way towards a more sustainable society. They are very relevant concepts in today’s world, and they should be dealt with thoroughly in schools.

The activity book is aimed at youngsters between 11 and 18 years old and integrates gender equality with peace and justice in the belief that one cannot exist without the others.

Gender Equality Book

In this activity book, we treat subjects such as digital gender-based violence, identity, the current situation in the world concerning equality, or historical milestones. We also chose two images of contemporary artists – Dina Goldstein and Maud Fernhout – which can be used to reflect on self-esteem, emotions, or the distribution of gender roles.

One aspect we wanted to emphasize in our content is the fact that equality should not just exist between genders, but among the sexual diversity that exists in our society. This is why we included information on the LGBTQ+ community.

The vintage-inspired design was again born by Alba Zapata, who also participated in the preparation of the content.

We have to say that the reception of this material has been great. Many schools, institutions, associations and NGO’s took an interest, both in the material as well as in the artistic workshops that complete it.