SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean water and sanitation is the 6th Sustainable Development Goal, and the first one that was selected for the Educational activity books we are developing with the goal to divulge the 17 SDGs. Through examples and solutions from the fields of science, technology or art, we raise awareness among the school community and families of the need to act locally and think globally as the best option to revert climate change.

These activity books are made by Justalegria, an NGO from Malaga dedicated to international cooperation, social action and education for Sustainability.

In this way, the first of the activity books focusses on SDG6. It is aimed at children from elementary school, and shows illustrations and design by Alba Zapata.

The material teaches in the first place about the cycle of water, and then goes on to lay out three questions about responsible use of water. These three questions are based on the interests of children from 5 to 10-11 years old, and are illustrated with images and stories of other places, as well as a scientific experiment or an artistic workshop. The idea is to treat the SDG with different, multidisciplinary approaches.

Along with the activity book, we’ve designed and carried out workshops for schools within the program; “I DO care for water”, financed by EMASA and implemented by Aula del Mar from Malaga.

Also, an animated video on the cycle of water was made, which can be seen here: