Educational Material

In 2016 we started creating a series of educational activity books, designed to explore and learn about the Sustainable Development Goals, in the classroom or with family.

This series is called “The world we want” – inspired by the United Nations’ motto.

Faced with the lack of materials to learn about the different SDG’s, in an individual and holistic way at the same time, we began to elaborate a series of educational materials that tackle the 17 goals using examples in art, culture, or science.

Although there is a specific SDG for education, Quality Education (SDG4), not many educational systems have integrated the Sustainable Development Goals in their contents. In the Spanish system they are not considered, since the LOMCE (organic law for improving quality of education in Spain) was created before the Paris agreement. This is why the term Environmental Education is still being used, in stead of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD, or EDS in Spanish).

The educational materials were created to support this this transition from one to the other, since the Education for Sustainable Development (EDS) consists of an education that “is a part of culture of complexity, that uses critical thinking, and that lives and feels the environment”, as was pointed out in the latest report on the ESD in Spain.

So far, we have prepared an activity book on SDG6: clean water and sanitation, and one about SDG5 and SDG16: gender equality, peace and justice. These educational notebooks were prepared within the framework of two projects on Education for Sustainability, presented by the NGO Justalegría on a competitive basis, for the call from the citizen participation area of the town council of Malaga, and were completed with workshops and teaching units, carried out in different schools around the city.

In the same manner, and under the umbrella of a project for the AACID (Andalusian agency for international cooperation for Sustainability), a plan for awareness on climate change was designed for two associations in the Dominican Republic, which includes a third activity book.

cuaderno igualdad ods

Cuaderno ODS