Latest Projects

The projects included in this section are divided into three categories: firstly, the projects for schools, such as trainings for teachers, activities for the classroom, or comprehensive sustainability plans; in the second place, projects that are aimed towards professionals in the cultural sector, that work around investigation, training, and practical workshops; and lastly, the projects that were designed as a general introduction to the SDGs and are aimed at different sectors.


INTEF, Ministry of education

September – November 2020

Overseeing the online course Education for a sustainable lifestyle and development within in the online training offered by the Teacher Training Institute of the Ministry of Education.

Regional Teacher Training Centre in Castilla La Mancha

2019 and 2020 editions

Design and delivery of the two editions of courses for teachers that revolve around the integration of education for Sustainable Development in the classroom, with a final project presented by the participants.

Richmond Park School


Coordination, design and execution of the co-curricular sustainability program for the British Richmond school, based on three central concepts: teacher training, supporting the students’ activities in English and working with the families.

Teacher training centre in Malaga

February, 2019

Design and implementation of the in-person course ‘Art and sustainability in the Museum of Malaga’, a proposal for teachers based on the ABP method, which uses art as a tool to build a project on the Sustainable Development Goals.


REDS, Spanish network for Sustainable Development

2019 – 2021

Coordination of projects of culture and sustainable development, launched by REDS with the collaboration of different institutions, and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Cifal Málaga-UNITAR, ONU

2019- 2020

Design and execution of this course -in-person in the first edition, and online in the second one – on how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in the professional practice of the cultural sector.

EADE, master’s in museum management

2020 and 2021

Design and teaching of the module: Museums and Sustainable Development in the first two editions of this Masters.

Museu de la Vida Rural

October, 2020

Presentation of a strategy developed for the inclusion of the Agenda 2030 in schools, within the Festival of Education for Sustainability which the museum organizes annually.

Lecture Ines Amor, UNAM, Autonomous University of México

December 2020

Participation in the forum: What did we learn from the virus? Cultural survival strategies, launched in this edition by the Cultural Management Master’s from the lecturer Ines Amor.

CAAM, Atlantic centre of Modern Art in Gran Canaria

April 2021

Presentation on the contribution of Education and Culture to the Agenda 2030 as a part of the 2nd conference of the Sustainability of the CAAM which took place in a hybrid format.

University of Malaga, Trans_UMA

May 2021

On the occasion of the International Museum Day, we realized a training within the Trans-Uma initiative, to analyse the cultural sector’s role in the attainment of the challenges presented by sustainable development in the present context of the Post-COVID reconstruction.


Juan Carlos 1 University

December 2020

Introduction talk for the workshop What can you do in the university for the Agenda 2030?

ESNE, University school of design, innovation and technology

October 2020

Training for university’s teaching staff on the Agenda 2030 and the SDG’s, and their application in the world of design. Part of the dissemination actions carried out the Spanish Network for sustainable development.

Helsinki Spain association

2018 – 2020

A general introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals as a part of the program: “Young people for young people”, organized annually by the Helsinki association for university students in Malaga and Madrid.

Chamber of commerce of Seville.

April 2021

Sessions on awareness and integration of the SDGs in the professional practice, for students in the first course in the FP modules and university level, from the training campus of the Chamber of Commerce in Seville.