SDG Workshops, Courses and Sessions

The Sustainable Development Goals encompass the social, economic and environmental fields. It is a comprehensive plan that focusses on people, peace, prosperity, the planet, and alliances. The member states have pledged to take the necessary measures to achieve the SDGs. However, for the 2030 agenda to become a reality, an appropriation of the Goals on a local level is necessary, as well as a solid commitment of all participants.

In this context, there are several proposals for trainings aimed at different sectors of the community. The main goal is general knowledge of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, and their practical implementation.



Curso cultura

Culture faced with the challenge of Sustainability

The cultural sector plays a vital role in addressing the global challenges and the achievement of the SDGs. In these workshops -aimed at professionals of the cultural and creative sector-, we explore the connections between art, culture and Sustainable Development, and we learn how to implement the 2030 Agenda in cultural and artistic organizations.

Getting to know the SDGs

One of the objectives of SDG12 is to ensure that by 2030 “people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature.” This is a workshop to discover the Sustainable Development Goals, and how to put them in practice in our everyday life.

Workshop to discover the Sustainable Development Goals
School Programs

Program for Schools

This program covers everything from teacher training to the implementation of the SDGs in the classroom. It consists of a number of activities for all educational levels that are integrated with the different subjects from the study program. Furthermore, the program is complemented with several pedagogical exercise books based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Cultural Itineraries

How to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in museum- and cultural heritage tours? Starting with the collection of a museum or a monument as a basis, a specific itinerary is designed which illustrates one or various SDGs. Issues such as responsible consumption and production, sustainable cities or clean water and sanitation are illustrated through works of art, archaeological pieces or historical buildings.

A specific itinerary designed to illustrate one or various SDGs